Say goodbye to lost-in-space files.   Say goodbye to “I can’t read your terrible handwriting.”  Say hello to “I can see my files anywhere that has high-speed internet access.”  Create a paperless office. 

To create a paperless office, you will need to be able to access all of your data on your electronic devices.  This means that you need to scan or “digitize” all communications.  These include mail, client files, overnight delivered documents and notes.  In your paperless office you will be able to see all of your papers on your computer.  If you have remote access to your server by using a cloud server (like at CyberOffice3), you can see your documents anywhere that you have high-speed internet access.

A scanner and computer or cell phone are the only tools that you will need.  You can create more office space by throwing out all of your file cabinets.  You will need a scanner to digitize your documents.  In a pinch, you may use your cell phone to digitize your papers.  I recommend saving the electronic files in PDF using a PDF writer program.  If you use optical scanning recognition or OCR technology on your scanned documents, you can search by word through your electronic documents.

I recommend taking notes on your computer.  This will let you read and search for words in your notes.  Taking computer notes eliminates anyone’s need to decipher your bad handwriting. Anyone in your office can read your notes, if you give them permission to do so.  If you have a standard form for taking notes, fellow employees can more easily and quickly find information in your notes.   

If your working files have lots of documents, throw out the manila folders.  Replace them with digital file folders.  You and others in your office can perform a word search search on digital file folders if you run the pages through or OCR technology.

Advantages to paperless files.

Enjoy the advantage of bookmarking numerous documents scanned into PDF.  Bookmarking documents lets you see tabs for pages that you select.  With just one click on the bookmark, you can fly directly to the page with the information that you seek.  With a few key strokes, you can highlight key places on your documents, just like your paper files, but you can easily remove your highlighting with a few key strokes if you want to.  Your highlighting can be removed with a few key strokes, or printed with, or without, the highlights.  Notes can be used on your PDF documents, just like using sticky notes on your paper documents.  Removing notes just takes a few key strokes.  Notes may be printed with, or without, the notes too.

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