Cloud Computing – ServerCyber Server – Virtual Server

  They Are All the Same

This is what we do!

We provide a powerful, remotely accessible, cloud computing.  You and your employees can store your data and run your programs with confidence and ease knowing that a team of our cloud computer experts are standing by ready to help you.

cloud computer desktop on computer

Screenshot of Your Computer Using the Cyber Office³ Cloud Computer Desktop


Cloud Computer

  • Password Protected Encrypted Remote Access From Anywhere

  • Remote access via up to 5 Smart Phones, Tablets, Desktops … per User

  • Computer Experts Help Set Up Remote Access
  • Unlimited Number of Related Users Linked to One Cloud Computer (No Access by Unrelated Users)

  • Windows™ File, Print and Application Server

  • Microsoft Office™- Continuously Updated

  • 1 x Static IP Address

  • Daily Data Backup on and Offsite

  • No Cost for Lost Data Retrieval

  • Anti Virus

  • Spam Filtering Services

  • Anti Virus

  • Proactive Monitoring/Management of All Infrastructure Hardware and Software

  • Hosted at a Tier IV Data Center that has Achieved Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70 (SAS 70) Type II Certification

  • We provide technical experts who will set up your cloud server as customized by you.


    Initial Set Up

    Our technical experts will help migrate your data and programs onto your cloud computer.


    Data & Program Migration

    • Computer Experts to Help Set Up Your Virtual Administrative Server & Migrate Old Data and Programs to New Password Protected Encrypted Cloud Computer; and
    • Each User Needs a License for Each Program Migrated to the Cloud Computer.


    Our technical experts will provide continuing personalized help for both cloud computer and other computer related issues.

    Minimum Requirements for Each User:

                 3 MB DSL or Any Cable or Any Fiber Optic Service Provider.  Windows XP may not be used.