Do you need a new server?

Is your server broken?

broken old server

Broken old server that needs to be replaced with a new server.

Do you need a new server?


Cyber Office³’s Cloud Server is located in a climate-controlled, secure data center with 3 back up generators and on-site internet service providers.

Are you ready for remote access?

computer server hardware

Cyber Office3 Cloud Computer Server Hardware

If so, Cyber Office³ is ready to help you with your new server and related needs.  By using our cloud server, we can save you money while providing a very powerful and flexible server.

Personal service sets Cyber Office³ above other cyber computers.  At Cyber Office³ we manage your new server.  We answer your questions.  We help you set up your new server.  It’s almost like having a server for dummies.  If you need help with your new server, we can help you.

Having a cloud computer saves you money.  We pay for the infrastructure and space in a secure environment.  You just rent space on our cloud computer.  Your company doesn’t need to buy a computer server.  You don’t need to pay an IT company to install a new computer server. Your firm doesn’t need to build a climate controlled room for a new server.  You don’t need to buy a back up generator to have one because our cloud computer is located  in a Data Center with several backup generators.  If you take advantage of Wi Fi for your computers, you don’t even need to run cables throughout your office.

So you can pay for the number of desktops that you need, when you need them.  For instance, if you have a special 3-month project, you can add 25 new users for 3 months, then cancel the desktops in the month when the project is complete.  Then you will be worry free about keeping your server running because we will do it for you.  Our friendly, well trained IT experts will set up your cloud computer desk tops.  Cyber Office³ will help install access on your computer, smart phone, iPad, laptop ….  We will maintain the cloud computer.  We standing by if you have any questions or need help.

With a broken old server, it is time to move into the future and join us on the cloud.  You will not need the large investment for a new server and related items if you fly up to the cloud.  You may find that your present or projected monthly IT maintenance fees are about what our cloud server rental space costs.  This means that you save paying for the infrastructure & pay about the same monthly payments while leveraging the cloud to have a fast, robust, safe, secure & powerful new cloud server at your disposal from anywhere that you or your employees have high-speed  internet access.  Join the future and contact us now at

Cyber Office³.


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