Cyber Office³ will scan US Mail and e-mail it to you!

  • We will Scanned US Mail Into PDF and E-Mail it to each user
    • Within Business Hours of Receipt
    • 100 Pages Per Month
    • No Junk Mail Screening (except for local Baltimore services like food store coupons)
    • Envelopes Included
    • Black & White Scans
    • Unique Identifier for Each Piece of US Postage
    • Receipt Date Stamps on US Postage
  • We will save US mail scans electronically for 1 month
  • We can make color & high resolution scans upon request
  • The US mail will be saved for 1 week.  Then it is shredded
  • CO3 will forward checks and packages  as they cannot be scanned

US Postal Mailing Address Suite

Cyber Office³ provides a US mailing address.  This allows Cyber Office³ to receive, scan and e-mail your US mail to you.