The Impressive Data Center in which our Cyber Office³ cloud servers are located.

The Data Center Housing our Cyber Office³ Cloud Servers is Very Impressive.

Cyber Office³’s Data Center is very imposing.


Cyber Office³’s Cloud Server is located in a climate-controlled, secure data center with 3 back up generators and on-site internet service providers.

With row upon row of racks, it looks like a football field full of lockers.  With razor wire on the roof, thick metal doors and a fenced-in compound, the Data Center is physically secure .  Internet access from the it is exceptional. Many internet service providers have their own communication equipment located inside.

The Data Center’s robust climate control has vents running under the floor to cool the racks more efficiently.  Several backup power generators the size of locomotive engines sit on fuel tank pads.  These pads are even larger than the generators.  Power is not an issue .  A powerful feed directly from the power company supplies our data center with its power.

I will not disclose the Data Center’s high security measures.  The security measures are very impressive and varied.  Even the Data Center’s size is impressive.  Row upon row of cages and racks hold cloud computers in a safe environment.


  1. Stellar work there evryeone. I’ll keep on reading.

    • cyberoffice3

      January 16, 2017 at 1:29 pm

      Sorry about the delay. We are glad that you like our work. Please let us know if you need a server.

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