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After many years in a large global corporation, I was ready to slow down a bit and 'do my own thing' in the communications business. When you are accustomed to having all your services in place, suddenly facing day-to-day office management all alone can be daunting.
This is when I discovered CyberOffice3. They became my instant office! Suddenly I had full IT, email, mail, and office services with complete back office support!

The costs are minimal, the service is superb, and the IT support is perfect for a non-computer geek like me.
CyberOffice3 has kept connected wherever I am in my travels around the world and no one knows I'm not 'in my office'.
They are the most valuable service I have contracted with since starting my own business.

Elizabeth Henkel
Founder and General Manager
Stuart-Grimes LLC

Elizabeth Henkel

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